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In mediation, I work with attorneys and their clients to promote an efficient procoess during challenging days of decision-making and negotiation.  An supported client is better equipped to navigate stress and emotions frequently encountered in difficult negotiations.  Additionally, a supported client is better able to consider options, listen to advice of their lawyer, and make the best possible decisions for their future.

  • Case Consultant:  As an added element to your team, I prepare your client for mediation and participate in mediation to coach and support the client for a streamlined, more stable meeting.  
  • Co-Mediation - As a psychologist working with an attorney/mediator, I help manage the stress and emotions that surface during negotiation while the attorney/mediator focuses on the legal, financial and procedural challenges involved in reaching a settlement.  My role is to help prevent emotions from stalling or impeding settlement negotiations. 


Why Add A Psychologist To Mediation

Mediation requires solid decision-making and negotiation skills.  Emotionally charged situations, such as divorce, personal injury and medical malpractice challenge a client’s ability to think straight in the moment.  An attorney can be the voice of reason, my added involvement helps your client manage demanding days of negotiation when emotions threaten settlement and resolution.  What you offer your client moves from excellent to superb.

Types of Cases That Benefit:

  • highly sensitive and complicated
  • include high conflict individuals
  • clients are entrenched
  • protracted 

Including attention to the emotional elements of mediation can help:

  • increase client satisfaction
  • increase time efficiency
  • foster effective problem-solving 
  • streamline challenging decisions


Legacy Mediation Model (LMM)
Efficiency in Mediation

1. Mediation Support: Day Of

This avenue includes a case review that honors confidentiality through consultation.  Dr. Falwell can participate in a case review and/or as part of the mediation.  Consultation is beneficial when cases are:

2. Mediation Preparation:

Description: Regular meetings before the mediation date prepare a client for the experience, focusing on self-regulation and skill acquisition for a emotionally and cognitively challenging legal situation.

Content is appropriate for clients in family, estate and probate, and personal injury, as well as other emotionally charged cases.  

Goal: Education and skill development for strong decision-making and problem-solving.

Theory: Preparation allows a client to begin mediation with a set of tools to better handle challenging situations.  An equipped client is a client prepared to better manage stress with mental acuity, and can be an active part of a productive and efficient mediation.  

Acquired Skills and Tools:  

  • Negotiation Basics: Nuts and Bolts of Positions and Options
  • Working to Keep an Open Mind
  • Keeping Your Wits About You When Problem-Solving Becomes Difficult
  • Building Problem-Solving Skills

3. Regular Support in Protracted Cases

In protracted cases or if mediation moves beyond one meeting, clients can attend a booster session to hone problem-solving skills.  A booster session keeps skills fresh for use.  This is also a supportive process that help stress and frustration management.

The Legacy Mediation Model is NOT:

  • therapy or counseling
  • legal advice
  • financial, relational or business advice
  • a review of case details
  • case strategy

Mediation Preparation does not review case specifics and includes informed consent that clearly outlines Dr Falwell’s role as educator, not treatment provider. If hired as a consultant, confidentiality is built into Dr. Falwell’s role.   

For more information on the preparation model and additional options, or to request Dr. Falwell for mediation support, please fill out the form below or call 214 810 1718.

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