Everyone leaves a legacy; what is yours?


Born out of my own grumpiness. Yes. That is correct. I found myself close to the end of one October ready to skid right into January and skip all the hoopla of the holidays.

So I created what I was looking for. A group focused on positive experiences, hopeful goals, and a place to tell my story. I wanted what the HOLIDAY season professes to offer: relationship, thoughtfulness, and deliciousness.

Schedule and Cost

Dates: Monday November 5 - Monday January 7

Focus: Holiday Happiness, Goal Setting and Reflection

Guidance: Weekly To-Dos and Growth Prompts

Video Meetings: Mondays, 10-10:30am CST

Cost: $49

This is literally the cheapest group I know of, with the most interaction. There is a lot out there for monthly development and it is highly disconnected. So here is your chance at something affordable that gives you a launching pad for a holiday you just might enjoy.

Anyone is welcome, whether you love the holidays or hate them with all your heart. We all live the same days on the same yearly calendar, so let’s do it together with hope and happiness, going all in for the best the holiday has to offer… and the best you have to offer your holiday.

Week 1

Building Your Holiday Plan

Week 2

Develop Your Mentality and Mantra

Week 3

Planning Around Roadblocks

Reflecting and Celebrating

Week 4

What Does Connection Look Like

Week 5

The Past - The Present - The Future

Week 6

Surprise Content (Because would it be the holidays without a surprise?)

Week 7

The Best Thing Was…

Week 8

On To Bigger And Better Things in 2019

Week 9

Wrap Up and Take on 2019!

Week 10

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