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                 A women's group focused on building and maintaining                           strong female friendships.


Know & Be Known

  • Saturday Mornings 10am-1130am (1.5 hours)
  • 1st and 3rd Saturday Mornings
  • 10-11:30am (1.5 hours)
  • October - December (holiday dates will be noted)
  • Group Style: Open, First Come First Serve
  • Group Limit: 8 
  • Cost: $75/group

The Strength of Friendship

Join this open group focused on building and maintaining strong female friendships.  This group is excellent for women who are looking for skills and tools to make new, different or lasting friendships.  

How to attend?  You can preregister or show up last minute.  However, this group is first come, first serve based on screening (what does that mean?) and payment.


Additional Details

What is an open group?  This means that you might meet new and different individuals each time you come.  

Knowing & Being Known: Both knowing and being known is hard!  Attending a group can feel awkward.  Find good, honest friendships is challenging.  This group is a place to start.  Bring your nervousness... you won't be the only one!

Group Content:  Each week offers a variety of content. The focus of this group is making and building strong, supportive, healthy friendships might be learning about ideas, skills and tools for making or reaching out to a new friend, what a healthy friendship looks like, challenges and hurts that occur in female friendships, changes in friendship and break-ups, how to look for common ground, how to listen and engage someone with questions, and many other relationship concepts.  One of the great parts about a group like this is that you learn about yourself and others, individuality and relationships.

Additional Options

If you are interested in attending a closed group, consider the evening or lunch book groups.  

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