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Daring Greatly Women's Afternoon Group

  • Tuesdays, 8 weeks

  • 12pm-130pm

  • Dates: March 3 - April 23

  • Cost $600 ($75/group)

  • Group Limit: 8 Participants

This group is excellent for adult women interested in reaching further into content from Daring Greatly. 

Investment of $600 includes 12 hours of group workshop time, workbook and materials.

CHOOSE the group option that works best for your schedule:

  • Tuesday afternoons: 12:30 - 1:30 PM

  • Tuesday evenings: 6:00 - 7:30 PM

What Is A Daring Way™ Group Like?

The Daring Way is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Click here to learn more here. 

  • Explore vulnerability, courage, shame, & worthiness. 

  • Examine thoughts, emotions, & behaviors that are holding you back. 

  • Identify new choices & practices. 

  • Move toward more authentic & wholehearted living.

  • Transform the way you live, love, parent, & lead. 

As we review content from Brown's book Daring Greatly, you have a chance to gather resources and tools that help you build daily practices for living wholeheartedly, with connection, joy, courage and compassion.

Group content reviews what it means to live wholeheartedly, embracing the courage it takes to make meaningful changes in how we live, love, parent and lead.  You will be exploring thoughts, beliefs, myths, emotions and behaviors that might hold you back from living a strong, vulnerable, wholehearted lives.  

The primary focus of this group is respect and openness to each person who pursues meaningful growth in their own courageous steps.  Your story is welcome in this group and is worth the exploration. You may or may not be in therapy, you may or may not have read the book, you might be excited or petrified of a group experience.  

Other important details:  

  • To register, contact Dr. Sally Falwell at (214) 810-1718 or sfalwell@legacyacc.com or send in your information here.

  • Limit 8 group members

  • Payment is accepted upfront or in thirds (one payment on or before March 3, March 19, April 2).

  • This is a closed group - meaning no new individuals enter the group after the first session.

  • Before beginning,


Know & Be Known

  • Saturday Mornings 10am-1130am (1.5 hours)

  • September - December (holiday dates will be noted)

  • Group Style: Open, First Come First Serve

  • Group Limit: 8

  • Cost: $75/group

Join this open group focused on building and maintaining strong female friendships.  This group is excellent for women who are looking for skills and tools to make new, different or lasting friendships.  

How to attend?  You can preregister or show up last minute.  However, this group is first come, first serve based on screening (what does that mean?) and payment.  

What is an open group?  This means that you might meet new and different individuals each time you come.  

Group Content:  Each week offers a variety of content. The focus of this group is making and building strong, supportive, healthy friendships might be learning about ideas, skills and tools for making or reaching out to a new friend, what a healthy friendship looks like, challenges and hurts that occur in female friendships, changes in friendship and break-ups, how to look for common ground, how to listen and engage someone with questions, and many other relationship concepts.  One of the great parts about a group like this is that you learn about yourself and others, individuality and relationships.

If you are interested in attending a closed group, consider the evening or lunch groups.  Find out more here. 



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