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  • 6 weeks, Jan - March 2018. 
  • 2 group times available (choose below in registration form)
  • limit 8 people
  • $75/meeting

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Dr. Sally H. Falwell is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF). 

This is a closed group. That means that new people do not come and go each time, the participants are consistent.  

You do not have to be familiar with Brené Brown's work to be a part of this group, nor do you have already finished the book. 

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Meeting Dates: To Be Determined

  • Wednesday Afternoons: 12-130pm
  • Thursday Evenings: 6-730pm

What does a Reading and Process group include?

This group is focused on getting the most out of reading the chosen book, Braving The Wilderness.  We meet in person for six weeks, with a set number of individuals, and progress through the book on a schedule.  Once you commit to the group your attendance is expected to provide consistency in group structure and format.  

You are provided a reading schedule and different engaging questions in preparation for each week's content.

What this group is and is not:

This is a reading and process group where 1) your attendance matters, 2) your input and presentation of ideas matters but is not demanded, 3) and is facilitated by Dr. Falwell to provide balanced discussion and punctuality.  The goal is to give readers a place of meaningful discussion and encourage life application of the material in the book.

This is not group therapy or a networking group.

Am I a good fit for this group?

You might enjoy this group whether you are an avid reader or not.  We all have areas in our lives that we can reflect and work on with the support and energy provided by others who are also committed to personal growth and change.  Attending this group might be a beneficial addition to other men's groups, Bible Studies, sobriety, support or community groups you are already part of that encourage authenticity and self-awareness.  This group might also align with work you are doing with a therapist or psychologist, or provide you a "middle ground" before you pursue getting into therapy.  

Addressing the awkardness of a group:

Many people shy away from starting a group because it seems awkward and intimating.  The first meeting includes brief background descriptions and introductions, as well as interaction guidelines.  If you have questions about joining this group and what it will be like, please feel free to contact Dr. Falwell at (214) 810-1718 or sfalwell@legacyacc.com.

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