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Forgiveness #2 - Forgiveness Is Complicated

July’s Monthly Focus = Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is both challenging and complicated.

Forgiveness includes GIVING - giving your wrong-doer something to which they have no right. This is a hurdle in the forgiveness process that often stops most people.

The giving of something undeserved.

And yet, understanding the experience of unforgiveness is extremely important as well. Forgiveness also includes GETTING. When we choose to forgive, we get (some) of the things we want most, relief for one.

But without forgiving, we regularly sip an emotional cocktail of resentment, barbed rumination, hostility, bitterness, simmering anger, electrical irritation, fear and hatred.

For each and every one of us, the decision to forgive, to pursue a forgiveness process is both challenging and serious.

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