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Forgiveness #1 - The Freedom Forgiveness Offers

In honor of July 4th:

Consider the FREEDOM that forgiveness brings.

There is a lot to gain in forgiveness, which is often quite difficult to give.

Here are a few that can be gained in forgiveness:


  1. from the weight of a burden

  2. from concentrating on the past

  3. from tangled ruminating

  4. from heavy, negative emotions

  5. of personal choice

  6. of changing perspective

  7. of personal power in a painful experience

  8. of experience outside of anger

  9. to open up the future

  10. to pursue something new

  11. to engage in self-love and self-compassion

  12. to make a decision.

Forgiveness can be quite emotionally expensive… and yet we can gain much from it.

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