Everyone leaves a legacy; what is yours?


Your Continuing Ed Dream Come True.

Nine (9) CE hours in the form of a series, with twists that require more than you taking notes on slide handouts.

Is there such a thing? A wonderful dream about continuing education requirements? No, there isn’t, but we provide an interesting take on getting some of those painful hours completed.

You may still show up bleary-eyed and begging for coffee, but you won’t walk away disappointed.

Join us for a continuing education experience with a focus topic. Broken in to three parts, always on a topic that helps you strengthen your role as a practitioner. Grow you:

  • Knowledge base

  • Professional skills

  • Implementation strategies

  • Network

Okay, so what is this all about?

Location: 8117 Preston Road, Conference Room.

Caveats: Feed yourself, but we will provide coffee and water. Why? Because it keeps your costs low.

2019 Focus: Ethical Order, Process and Practice.

April 19, 9-12

Notes, Terminations, Everything in Order. What steps need to be in place as best practices that help when the subpoena comes.

September 6, 9-12

Subpoena Beginning to End. Get the terminology down, what you need to respond to, how to respond, and when to get support.

December 6, 9-12

Mock Trial. Here’s where it gets really interesting and different. Because you’ve participated in the previous two presentations, you get to put your knowledge to the test. Attorney participation, excellent practice for knocking out the fear.


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