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Important background information: Dr. Falwell is a

  • Licensed Psychologist,

  • Executive Coach

  • Certified Daring Way Facilitator and

  • trained mediator

In therapy, I work with adults, 18 years and older, most often with a Cognitive Behavioral approach.  I often work with professionals, from executives to entrepreneurs, seeking balance and understanding, coordinating intellect and emotions.

My professional background and training is in trauma.  This relates to my current work in how trauma shows up in all of our lives through change, loss, relationships and life events. 

My clients are often trying to work their way out of the heaviness of depression, anxiety, perfectionism, or are addressing damaging life experiences, challenging relationships, or complex family histories.  I also work with individuals who struggle with high levels of guilt and shame, which many times shows up in their spiritual beliefs and faith. 

Content includes focusing on meaningful life events and pursuit of strength through personal growth and change. Therapeutic goals focus on emotional healing and emotional fitness emphasizing quality of life and not just symptom management or removal.  


Coaching is an engaging experience that focuses on changes you would like to make in your own life. The set up is different from therapy - it is contract based and time-limited. This process often included interesting assessments that help highlight personality, conflict style, personal preferences, and one of my favorites - character strengths.

Therapy vs. Coaching: What’s The Difference?

Therapy:  A healing-oriented process that focuses on difficult or painful life situations that have created setbacks or impeded progress you want to make.  This process can include addressing symptoms, pursuing insight and understanding, preparing for or adjusting to change, or making difficult decisions.

Coaching: A goal-oriented process that focuses on achievement and change.

Please contact me for more information on either coaching or therapy. I’d love to hear from you.


These books, podcasts, websites and articles are resources with content that I frequently references in my work as a psychologist, reader, group and book club facilitator. Most reference concepts and stories of personal growth and change, ideas for handling conflict and negotiation. 

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